Author Cyber Issues

Every author has parts of their art that are harder and they don’t like as much. For me, it’s Cyber issues. So, when the sea gets rough, you really are the only one who can save your own ship from sinking. Read or listen to my podcast to find out more!

What is Your Goal?

We need powerful goals…when the clouds gather will you soar or sink. Your goals matter more than you think! If you want to learn more, continue reading or listen to the podcast!

Always the Same, but Ever Changing World of the Indie Author

There is duality in life…and each of us express our art in different ways. Sometimes a simple sunset can bring into focus the timelessness and the immediate in one flash.

The Wonderful World of an Indie Author

The Wonderful World of an Author – Often we see the calm waters of the product of creativity, but if one looks under the surface it is an ever evolving changing and busy world.

Entropy the Great Enemy of the Arts and Lifestyle?

Anton Chekhov was quoted as saying, “Only entropy comes easy.” Entropy can be seen as the constant dance for balance between chaos and structure. If you want to find out more, continue reading/listening.

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