Hi and Welcome to the A & J PEI Treasures E Jean Simpson Author Blog Post and Podcast. I’m your host, Jean usually coming to you from the beautiful Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada!! This week, I am on the road live from our neighbours in New Brunswick, Canada! The blog post and podcast is an opinion piece and only reflects this author’s opinion and not that of any other entity. Today I discuss reality and how there isn’t just one reality. If you want to find out more, then stay tuned…!

I have found over time that very often information may or may not be passed on accurately or with the same ideas and meanings.  This does not mean that someone is lying.  It is sometimes a matter of perspective.  Family perspectives often vary and it depends on who you are talking with whether or not it is a negative or postive one.  It doesn’t seem to matter which person you talk to in the family.  Someone with a more negative mindset can tell the story and blow you away by telling you things are the opposite to what you thought.  You can develop a whole new idea of what  happened.  History is like that too.  Remember that history is often told from the side of the victor.  This means that you get the ideas from ancient history such as Tudor reign from the Tudor side.  It wasn’t a healthy thing to disagree with Henry VIII and many people found themselves a head shorter for being on the wrong side of that time period.  So, now they are looking at history with a different mindset.  Just be careful with history that you are not taking in a modern mindset.  Some things seem weird that weren’t intended to be at that time.  With that in mind, I will explain a little more on perspectives.

Perspectives or how we look at things may be different between every generation and every family.  I have often said that if you don’t expect anything from anyone and you don’t expect to be thanked, you will never be disappointed.  This is not a negative perspective.  One needs to realize that people are people.  Whether or not they agree with what you think or they disagree, they will have their own perspective on things and if you expect what you would expect from yourself from other people, you may find yourself disappointed.  Not everyone sees things the same and not everyone is thankful.  They may understand that something long ago was done to hurt someone or because they weren’t cared for.  When in fact, the situation was a difficult one and people were trying to do the best thing for everyone.  They don’t often understand that down the road, it could be misperceived.  No one thinks to explain it to the person who was caught in the middle of the situations with little or no information.

As  Gary Zukav says, “Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions. What we perceive depends upon what we look for. What we look for depends upon what we think. What we think depends upon what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality.”  So, when you get someone’s perspective on something, it might not be entirely true from your perspective.  So, how do we keep some kind of order in all this chaos.  It’s not always that easy.  You see, I got the same story from two different people at one time.  They were very differing stories.  However, I also knew that not only were there two different stories, but I knew that each person believed the version they told so there was no lying involved.  The younger of the two was seeing his version from the viewpoint of someone who had been hurt by the situation.  The older one was not emotionally invested in the situation and had no reason to judge the people involved.  Their story was somewhat different, but I knew it was the same situation.  I knew there was no lying involved.  I was looking at things from a perspective of not knowing anyone else involved in the situation.  So, I could tease out the things that led to finding a 3rd more balanced view.  This view of course was my perspective and was slightly different from both.  

As Marcus Aurelius is credited with saying, “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”  So, how do you know something is reality?  How do you know what is truth?  Is there actual truth?  This is a question that has been asked for as long as people have been able to think and philosophize.  What do we know about reality?  Surprisingly there are different factors that can affect reality and it is very complex. 

Philip K. Dick said, “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”  As good a definition of reality as any I would suppose.  Some go by anything you can smell, see, hear or feel is real.  This would be good, except that there are things like optical illusions which means that you can see something, but it is not necessarily just one thing.  These prove that you might not always have accurate perception.  In other words, what you see might not always be the only thing there.  Try a few of them.  You’ll find that you may see a person or animal, but there is a second thing you can see or someone else can see.  So, in this case, what you perceive to be there isn’t what someone else might perceive.  This now explains the idea that reality is different between more than one or more people.  Now you understand the idea that reality is a little more complex than one would think.  

As Robert Evans said, “There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. And no one is lying. Memories shared serve each differently.”  Sometimes there is more than 3 views depending on how many people are looking at the situation.  Now, I think that Evans is kind of throwing out the baby with the bath water as I think there is some acceptable versions of truth that exist for some things.  Just be aware of the fact that there is a difference between someone remembering differently and someone who is lying.  I find that one of the surest ways of getting at the heart of the matter is to get a few different perspectives and tease out the various factors that are in some ways in agreement.  Then what you have left over is the chance to put together yet another reality.  Now is this the truth or just another reality?  I would hope that the optical illusions has helped you to think about how some people will see things differently from others and that you might not have the same reality, but experience the same thing just differently from how you see it.  The problem with life is that you don’t get your choice of which reality you listen to and it is not always that you are lucky enough to get the same story from two different people.  Sometimes you have to take into account things like who is the one giving you the information.  Sometimes people are reliable in what they say and sometimes they see things in a way that might not be the exact way things happened.

In general people tend to accept the reality that they are presented with.  This is why I like the following quote, by Jacqueline Susann, “Never judge anyone by another’s opinions. We all have different sides that we show to different people.”  Think of the optical illusions when you are tempted to accept everything you hear.  Things like gossip, different perceptions and lies have ruined people’s lives.  Until you have a good grasp of the truth and the things that affect each person’s perception, you cannot be a good judge of a person.  Some people tend to create a reality using what they know.  They tend to not always have the entire story.  It is best, if you are in doubt, to stay out of the situation until or unless you have both sides of the story or are willing to live with the consequences to your actions.  The sad part is when people accept all they hear and it harms another.  I hope that this blog post and podcast will give you something to think about so that you are less likely to make that mistake.  Much like any institution out there, it is created by human beings.  This is what makes reality and the world at large such a complicated place.  With each person, there is a different perception and a slightly different reality.  We have certain agreed upon constructs in our vairous areas, but in the end, we are what we see, what we do, what we say and that is what we know about everyone else in our lives.  Make sure you use this power wisely.

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Welcome to the A & J PEI Treasures E Jean Simpson author podcast and blog post. This week I into the necessity of examining priorities and BELIEVING can move mountains. If you want to find out more, then stay tuned…! Applause courtesy of Freesound: … Thank you Andrew Simpson for help with the proofreading and creative input (the A in A & J PEI Treasures) Thank you Anchor for the resources to get the podcast done from my computer! Thank you to all forums that carry my blog post and podcast! Thank you to my listeners, readers and people who want to make this a better world. In Gratitude to all ancestors past and present that gave us the ability to think and do the impossible. In memory of family no longer with us. Quotes from: David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big Michelle Obama Christopher Reeve Lewis Carroll Paulo Coelho Puck (?) Confucius (?) Martin Luther King Jr. Brent Butt Articles: Our Blog Posts are available on: WordPress: and GoodReads: Podcast are available on: Anchor FM in a variety of formats:–j-pei-treasures iHeart Radio: Podchaser: Amazon:–J-PEI-TREASURES My e-books can be found on: Amazon: Smashwords (my Affiliate link): or You can also find us on: Twitter: YouTube: Pinterest: LinkedIn: Keep watching for more e-books and more formats! We’re always working on something. Thank you!

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Welcome to the A & J PEI Treasures E Jean Simpson author podcast and blog post.  This week I talk about basis of reality and how it changes depending on perceptions and why this is important to understanding others.  If you want to find out more, then stay tuned…!
When we look at these birds, there seems no truthful organization, but the birds might see it differently. Find the podcast on Anchor FM:–j-pei-treasures/episodes/Perspective-e1iql5d

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