Winterizing our Lives

Hi and Welcome to the A & J PEI Treasures E Jean Simpson Author Blog Post and Podcast.  I’m your host, Jean coming to you from the beautiful Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada!!  The blog post and podcast is an opinion piece and only reflects this author’s opinion and not that of any other entity.  Today’s blog post and podcasts focuses on winterizing of life and things that happen.  If you want to find out more, then stay tuned…

As I look out the window, it is grey and windy.  I have noticed there are fewer and fewer flowers.  As it progresses, it’ll turn to snow.  The snow will cover everything.  Life works in the same way.  As you get older, one finds that your circle gets smaller.  Your childhood slips away piece by piece and comes back from the bits of those lost pieces.  People don’t really talk about it much except in studies.  They call it part of the cycle of life or other euphuisms along with several others such as ‘passing away’.  I would suppose fall passes away into winter.  As with nature, things change over time.  I remembering going to my old University home town and seeing it.  Suddenly, instead of being a quaint place with a couple of malls, it was like every other town I’ve seen in the busy mall area.  The campus hadn’t changed a whole lot what little I got to see, but there were not the same faces.

I came back to the Maritimes with the idea (I’m sure overly romanticized) of being able to visit with family or attend the odd family function.  Instead, in the first year, I did get to see my parents and my brother.  After that ‘Kaboom!’ COVID.  So, I haven’t been off the Island since.  I don’t want to risk the lives of loved ones by travelling and bringing anything to them.  Many of my older relatives have health issues or weak immune systems.  Even though I am vaccinated, not everyone is so it doesn’t seem responsible to be out unnecessarily.  So, my family that I wanted to catch up with…well, that went away for the time being.  However, life still has the habit of continuing on whether or not you can move from where you are.  In that time, I’ve lost several family members.  Some were Uncles and Aunts.  With losing Facebook due to a dead phone and it not allowing me back in, I lost track of some family that way too.  Just as the trees lose leaves in the fall, sometimes things in life fall away.  You have to start new with something.  Plant the seeds in the spring to have something come out of the ground.

I still contact with family via email.  It’s manageable.  Winter gives way to spring.  I’ve found that I’m OK with Twitter.  I have a lot less conspiracy theory stuff which was causing me most stress on Face Book.  COVID can’t last forever…something is bound to change.  That’s one of the other things about life and nature.  There is always something that will be changing.  As seasons change so do situations.  I can never get back the time I have lost with family.  But, like seasons, there is no real loss if one is feeling they are productive.  You also have memories that will bring you comfort of childhood days gone by with family. 

For me, this has just been a season of creative works.  As Maree Dee said, “If you stay stuck in the past season or fixated on the future season, you will miss the one you’re in.”  It often happens that people get stuck in a past season.  They stick to it either because it is safe or because it holds some kind of meaning for them or they hold onto it out of anger or pain.  Staying stuck, at least for now, in nature doesn’t happen.  Seasons occur because the world turns.  It is not possible to stay stuck long term in any season.  If you do, then life begins to atrophy.  Like the old building that rots out, the foundations of your life, your relationships, work, everything suffers and falters.  The other side is that people have to decide when it is time to move forward, to change their personal season.  This is an option that the seasons don’t really have…they have to come sequentially and they have an order.  Though they do show that grief has its own order.  That’s a whole other post.

No matter how one loves a certain season, there are always going to be four whether or not they are clearly marked.  So, one has to know that seasons and change are inevitable.  You cannot keep a season from happening any more than you can stop from losing people in your life or making changes in order to move forward.  You can’t keep change from happening.  You can’t turn back time (except once a year) and that’s being given a bad reputation at this point as well.  Some areas are trying to get rid of the time change factor.  It is rather confusing since Nature doesn’t work that way.  There is also the fact that the pets are terribly confused by the changed meal times and you have to slowly move that.  They get used to it, but it’s not natural to their state of being.  Animals don’t turn their stomach clocks back an hour no matter what you have to do. 

In artistic life as in all lives, one has to have some self-discipline to get anything done.  I have to be productive in order to keep moving forward.  I continue with my various crafts and writing, etc.  I continue the blog and podcast and e-books as well as other crafts as it helps me find where I want to be in life and what sorts of things I want to do.  I learn more and different things so that I have other skills to develop.  I may yet find my magical season.  If not, I’ll keep searching for it.  That’s the goal of the magical path…to find the one that fits for you and that you can experience the seasons and continue to find joy.  “Self-discipline is an act of cultivation. It requires you to connect today’s actions to tomorrow’s results. There’s a season for sowing a season for reaping. Self-discipline helps you know which is which.” According to Gary Ryan Blair.

As Steve Southerland says, “I believe in process. I believe in four seasons. I believe that winter’s tough, but spring’s coming. I believe that there’s a growing season. And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. You get better.”  When you find something to believe in, it gives more meaning to your life.  Find that meaning and follow it.  If it is music, then follow it.  If it is writing, then follow it, and as Martin Luther King, Jr said, “if it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, go on out and sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures; sweep streets like Handel and Beethoven composed music; sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry; sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will have to pause and say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well.”  We need to find some goal, something to keep going.  We need something to believe in.  Just as nature finds the flowers in the spring and summer, the wind and snow in winter…these are parts of its life and it finds joy in it.  It does each job sublimely.  Life is about joy and about finding what gives you joy.  It’s about finding something and doing it well.  It’s about doing the best you can and always moving toward being your better self.

Thanks for listening to my podcast and/or reading my blog post and thanks for your interest in A & J PEI Treasures!

Welcome to the A & J PEI Treasures E Jean Simpson author podcast and blog post.  This week I discuss the changing seasons of life. If you want to find out more, then….stay tuned!  You can find the corresponding blog post on WordPress:  Applause courtesy of Freesound:… Thank you Andrew Simpson for help with the proofreading and creative input (the A in A & J PEI Treasures) Thank you Anchor for the resources to get the podcast done from my computer! Quotes from: Maree Dee Gary Ryan Blair Steve Southerland Martin Luther King, Jr. Our Blog Posts are available on WordPress:  and GoodReads: Podcast are available on: Anchor FM in a variety of formats:–j-pei-treasures iHeart Radio: Podchaser: Amazon:–J-PEI-TREASURES My e-books can be found on: Amazon: Smashwords (Affiliate Link):  in a variety of formats and I’m AFFILIATE there. Keep watching for more e-books and more formats! We’re always working on something. Thank you!

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Welcome to the A & J PEI Treasures E Jean Simpson author podcast and blog post.  This week I discuss the changing seasons of life.  If you want to find out more, then….stay tuned!
Everything changes. We need to determine when our season’s change.

Published by A & J PEI Treasures/E Jean Simpson, BEd, BA, MA

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