I Don’t Know What is Popular but I Can Tell You What Tempts me to Follow or Not on Twitter

Hi and Welcome to the A & J PEI Treasures E Jean Simpson Author Blog Post and Podcast.  I’m your host, Jean coming to you from the beautiful Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada!!   Today’s podcast and blog post is going to deal with the things that make me want to follow someone on Twitter and what doesn’t. I don’t have tips and tricks as such, but I do know what I do and don’t like.  I don’t pretend that I have all the answers, but I do know what I avoid.  Remember to think of your account, especially if you are a creative, as a beautiful rosebud.  If you care for it properly, it will yield a beautiful rose.  If you over or under water, it might never come to fruition.  If you want to find out more, stay tuned…

I know there are a zillion give or take different blog posts out there that tell you what the tips and tricks are to drive more people to your page on whatever forum you choose.  I don’t feel that it would do anyone any extra good for me to do the same.  So, instead, I am going to just focus on the things that I look for when deciding to follow someone and the things that I find hard to continue following. 

First, I look to see if this person is sharing anything of their own or are they just focused on sharing everyone else’s posts?  There are also ones that seem only to share stuff and get others to put their page on to have you share back.  I’m getting less and less likely to do these as I don’t tend to post a lot of stuff I haven’t created.  If they are sharing everyone else’s posts and it is stuff I can already see, I’m less likely to focus on the post nor am I as likely to follow them.  However I’m more likely to follow them than ones that are political or economic in nature.  This is not the fault of the Tweeter, but just because it isn’t really something that interests me.  There are a few other things that I don’t follow.  This, again isn’t the fault of the Tweeter, but due to my areas of interest.  If you like political type posts, then you might want to ignore that part.  If the person sharing others’ posts only has some fresh stuff, it’s about a 50/50 whether I’ll follow.

Another thing I find very overwhelming is if someone shares literally 35+ videos, pictures and YouTube videos in a day and does it over and over and takes half the feed for 10-20 posts at a time.  They may be good ones.  It doesn’t matter, they would be better served to share maybe 10 give or take and cycle through and time them through TweetDeck to go up at different times during the day.  If you want a how to, I use TweetDeck and I’ll do a separate blog post without podcast on it…or both if you like.  Let me know in comments.  I think I read something about 5 Tweets or so a day.  Some days I make it and some days I don’t.  However the prolific video Tweeters tend to burn me out.  I like a bit of variety.  Not that they are doing anything bad, I’m sure they are happy with it and they have tons of followers.  I’m old and weird, it tires me after seeing the same cycle over and over. 

Another thing I might suggest is that one credit the video person or picture person if they share.  If they share as is, that is likely good as they will show up as they are from the original poster.  However, embedded videos should show the source.  I know, that’s just a picky thing of mine.  If you are the creator, then that is wonderful.  Remember, if it is your work, you’ve put a lot of work in and should be able to put your name to it.  If you are putting someone’s work up, then you likely should credit them.  It will keep you out of trouble with Twitter and the creator.  One of the sites I follow does just this and shows who the creator of the picture is and gives credit and links. 

The one thing I do look for in whether or not I follow someone is whether they have any of their own work up or anything different.  Generally this is easy to find with photographers.  There are a variety of amazing photographers online.  I have a slightly different criterion for authors because of course they have different work.  I tend to follow those that are supportive and not dismissive.  If all you have are retweets of retweeted stuff or just your work and nothing added or an empty page.  I may be less likely to follow.  I follow the original one that has done the tweeting of Indie Author e-books as they generally do it to support other Indie authors or authors in general but even there, I don’t repost reposts of reposts unless it seems worth reposting.  I don’t repost anything without thinking about it first.  I’m not being mean.  I just find that if it’s been tweeted by the original tweeter, I don’t need to see it numerous times and liking it seems to keep it in my page.  I am not entirely sure what my pages looks like to others though.  I take a look to see if you comment on anything or show interest in anything other than putting up your stuff for sale.  Yes, I agree, it is important to do that, but it’s also important to show an interest in something.  It balances out the selling stuff. 

Of course that brings me to the point of, don’t just post your e-books for sale and nothing more.  You have interests, you have personality.  Show some involvement in something.  Even if you don’t comment much or don’t have much to do or say, give people a taste of who you are.  There is more going on in your life than just being an author.  I manage a blog post, podcast, e-books, photographs and I have a taste of it on my page.  I do interact somewhat but sparingly.  People get to see some of what I do.  I share some of the renovations, crafts when I do them and a variety of things going on at A & J PEI Treasures.  My e-books are the only for pay thing I share but not half as often as the rest of my stuff.  Put something up to inspire you or others.  It doesn’t take a lot to inspire interest.  Being just an author with only posting of your e-books/books just shows me that you can write and not always sure that it is you as the writer.  Remember there are a lot of fake accounts out there.  Sadly not everyone has a huge budget and not everyone can be published by a traditional publisher.  Not everyone is honest in who they are.

Anyway, these are the sorts of things that I look at in my foray into the world that is Twitter.  I suspect that the same can be said of most things.  You will, of course have your own criterion for what you look for in trying to navigate the Twitter universe, or whatever forum that you choose.  If a person has a variety of things they do or shows some interest in something other than selling,  you get a glimpse of the artist’s world…even some of the things they share tells you something.  Unless you are a news agency, then the need for having more than a dozen Tweets in any give hour seems a bit excessive.  Unless they are shorter and quickly read.  Otherwise, I find it overwhelms the feed and takes it over.  I can understand comments and replying if you so choose, but fresh posts for over an hour…just too much. 

One other thing that I look for and do check from time to time.  Not everyone in the world is who they purport to be.  So, sometimes I do check out … not just links, but to see if the person is for real.  Otherwise, they are just pretending to be someone they are not.  I don’t reward that.  If they are not honest about who they are, then what are they going to be honest about?  So, that is just another thing that I look for.  I want honest, authentic people.  I want artists and artistically inclined and share facts or some bit of their interests, not false facades.  If it is a fantasy, then they need to be explicit that it is a fantasy.  If you want to impress this author/artist, then all you need to do is be yourself!

I hope that these suggestions are useful for people to give them an idea of how to work well in Twitter (or whatever forum) you choose to work in.  I am sorry if I offend anyone.  I’m sure that there are exceptions to the rules.  News Media for one, they need a lot more Tweets than the average person but most of those seem to keep it to no more than 4 at a time.  They are giving news.  The Weather might have need for more from time to time.  It’s not easy to navigate the do and do not in the World Wide Web Social Media forums.  Thanks for listening to my podcast and/or reading my blog post and thanks for your interest in A & J PEI Treasures!

Just one more thing.  I have one of my children’s e-books up for a 2021 TCK award Category is General Non-Fiction.  The Big Kids Magical Path to Colours in Nature.  If you have a moment, we could use some votes. https://www.tckpublishing.com/2021-readers-choice-voting-page/

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Welcome to the A & J PEI Treasures E Jean Simpson author podcast and blog post.  I have seen many different blog posts on what to do or not do with regard to online media.  There are many posts to tell you how to get people travelling to your site, so I decided that I should tell you what I do and don’t enjoy on social media.  If you think of your social media as a rosebud, then you will want to nurture it so it blossoms (reason for rosebud picture)!  If you want to know more….stay tuned!
Think of your Media account as being a tender rosebud that needs care but not overdone to make it blossom!

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