Why make Introversion Something to Cure?

Hi and Welcome to the A & J PEI Treasures E Jean Simpson Author Blog Post and Podcast.  I’m your host, Jean coming to you from lovely Province of Prince Edward Island, Canada!!   Today’s podcast and blog post explores how different personality types are now viewed as though they are a ‘dysfunction’ and need to be ‘overcome’.  This is a strange idea which puts value judgement on people who do not fit the mold.  Over the past year or two, I have observed many people trying to ‘overcome’ being an introvert.  They talk about it like it is some sort of disease.  They use terms like shy and socially awkward or anxious.  Social anxiety and shy are not the main meat of what introversion is.  In reality, it is just that there are different ways of dealing with life and interacting with the world.  Neither one is specifically ‘dysfunctional’ but either one can be taken to extremes.  If you want to find out more, stay tuned…

As a confirmed introvert, I tend to be self-motivated.  I tend to look at things and observe and think about things.  I don’t tend to enjoy groups very much.  I’m not one of the ‘in crowd’ and never was.  I have very little interest in fitting in….As, Nolan Gould said, “In this world, one thing you should definitely strive for is originality. Just be who you are, and be your own person. That’s what will make you stand out.” So, I’ve never seen being an introvert as a ‘disability’ or a ‘condition’.  I’ve seen it as simply another way that people operate in the world around them.  Unlike a lot of extroverts, I’m not big on jumping out of planes, which is an extreme version of the extrovert interest in having adventure.  My definition of adventure is going for a walk and seeing what I can find to take pictures of or working on my latest book or even going to a museum.  I’m not a party girl.  On the other hand, I tend to be willing to understand why people can see it as a disability.  I mean, the ones that make the most noise and are the life of the party are the ones that tend to get further in certain occupations.  Though that is a whole different kettle of fish.

I have often thought and said to some family members, if everyone was the same type of person, how would anything get accomplished?  For example, if no one was filling shelves in the grocery store or cleaning the facilities because they all wanted to be manager, how far would we get in a grocery store?  Nothing would be there.  We wouldn’t be able to find our groceries or we’d have to stock the shelves or take them out of the warehouse ourselves.  How long would the world last with that type of chaos??  Just as each person is unique, and no two are alike, different people are interested in different things.  We can’t just assume one type of person is better than another type of person.  It works the same for race, religion etc.  No two people are alike and no one type of person is better than another.  We say that over and over, yet we decide that some people are more important than others.  The only thing that changes with regard to who is important is when something happens and then some other group is put down and another raised up.  An example of this is all the memes floating around how certain groups (artists, actors, musicians, etc) are not doing anything for the pandemic but we should find store clerks and truckers more important.  Not exact wording, but the idea.  So, we just switch around who is important and who isn’t.  Then what, switch back as suits?  It’s not a step ahead in accepting the importance of each individual to the greater whole.  There is no understanding of the interconnectedness of humanity.  The mechanic for the Snow Birds, for example is every bit as valuable to the team as the Snow Bird pilots.  They are interconnected as is all humanity.  The stocking clerks are just as important as the grocery store manager…they just have different jobs and look at different things.  We can’t all run the place.  We can’t all be extroverts.  Some of us have little interest in pursuing that lifestyle.  Yet, often there is a push for people to be more “outgoing” or to “fit in” more. 

I think it was in school that the ‘fitting in’ and the being one of the group was given the most focus.  It results in a lot of unhappiness for those of us that are not really group people.  We don’t dislike people.  We just are able to enjoy time alone.  We don’t feel the need to be part of the group.  But it is something that we are all encouraged to do and be.  We, like the birds, strike against the window and fight to be someone we aren’t.  I found that, in the workplace, as I got older, I had less interest in socializing after hours.  I also have a medical condition which makes me tired sometimes.  Sometimes that makes socializing like walking through molasses.  Tough sledding as they say here in Canada.  Some people are social butterflies.  They enjoy almost constant interaction with people and being entertained.  They have to be around others constantly and find themselves bored and out of sorts if they are forced to spend any time alone.  Some of us need down time.  I think it becomes more evident as we get older and we get spouses and families that we can’t keep up a frenetic pace.  We have to balance out a bit.

Though I don’t think that extroverts become introverts as they age neither do introverts become extroverts as they age.  The extrovert still enjoys interactions in greater quantity than the introvert who always was more comfortable living their own life.  We get labelled shy or socially awkward and we need to be ‘cured’.  We need to go out and make speeches, go out and get into group activities, we need to experience life…apparently we don’t do that in the world of the introvert.  I’m not sure what I’m missing out on, but it doesn’t feel like a great deal.  I am an author, blogger, podcaster and social media for A & J PEI Treasures.  I don’t need to have a whole group of people that I contact with to do this.  I got to see a lot of the country.  So, where others have to do this in groups, I do this with my husband.  I’m quite content to live life more quietly. 

So, be realistically unrealistic and know that it takes all kinds of people to make the world.  Some people are comfortable with groups etc…and some are not.  Not everyone can be the manager, some people have to do the work.  Some do both.  It’s not a contest.  We are all on different paths going along doing what we do.  The world doesn’t come off its axis because someone is extrovert or someone is introvert.  As Stephen R. Covey said “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”.

We are all interconnected and realizing that can make it easier to work together.  Where I have strengths in one area, my husband has them in another.  I don’t try to do what he is good at and he doesn’t try to do what I’m good at.  Yet, we live quite well together, because we got to know what we were each good at and left the other do what they are good at.  It is not the goal of life to become good at everything.  It is not the goal of the world to all be the same person. 

Now there is another serious author type issue that I want to talk about.  It is sort of an author tip.  It seems that there are people out there that actually take people’s works and do what they wish with it.  It seems most prevalent in the e-book world where it seems it is easier to do this.  One of the tips I would give is to make sure to check online and watch your online presence.  Look out for scam sites.  They tend to take your work you get no credit for it nor payment.  They may put down how they take care of the work and if you find someone taking your copyrighted work to report it, but leave no method of contact if you have concerns.  I’ve had to go to Twitter and see if I can get something done.  I can’t contact them.  It is work from an old publisher that got put up.  I know this because of the places and write ups.  I won’t give the name because I have had to clean up after the mess that working with them left and I don’t wish to affect people who may already be working with them.  Most important tip for this is, keep an eye on your online presence.  You can do Google watch, but I didn’t get warned by them.  I did a manual check and found these things which suddenly appeared months after I left the publisher and started to get on another one.  How are authors going to maintain their work if they are having it misused, tossed around like so much rubbish?  If you do anything online, then I recommend that you keep an eye on your work and your name.  It takes a little time.  I’m still not sure how I got to be the one chosen…because a lot of my work is being messed with…so if you do e-books, I suggest you check and check often.  The only thing that seems to really work is contact with your RCMP or police agency and even then it takes multiple tries for anyone to take it seriously.

Just one more thing.  I have one of my children’s e-books up for a 2021 TCK award Category is General Non-Fiction.  https://www.tckpublishing.com/2021-readers-choice-voting-page/  The Big Kids Magical Path to Colours in Nature.  If you have a moment, we could use some votes. 

Thanks for listening to my podcast and/or reading my blog post and thanks for your interest in A & J PEI Treasures!

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Welcome to the A & J PEI Treasures E Jean Simpson author podcast and blog post.  In the past year or two, I have realized that we now treat being an introvert as something to ‘get over’ or ‘get past’.  The push toward everyone becoming an extrovert seems to be in the media and gives people the idea that maybe there is only one good way to be.  I disagree.  If you want to find out more…either keep reading or tune in to my podcast!
We weren’t all made to be the same person, we need to stand out from the crowd!

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