Good Intentions

Good Day and Welcome to our latest blog post/podcast. Today I want to talk about taking your good intentions and making them a reality. This is the main part of life and of getting any project off the ground. Keep reading to find out more.

One of the things I have been working on is getting my e-book ready to be released. At every step in writing an e-book, there is need for good intention and for that to be translated into correct action. It is a case of good intentions meeting action. Almost everything in life that you do with regard to any type of art is the meeting of good intention and correct action. One of the things you will find, in art as in life, you can’t just rely on good intentions, you also have to take correct action. How different is this from life in general. Well, the short answer is it isn’t.

My latest project, I have been working on getting it from editing to release. I know I am ready to get it into format when I have stopped finding things that need changing. It is actually a longer process than it sounds. I tend to be picky and go over and over with breaks between trying to make sure I have the wording acceptable and the ideas portrayed the way I want them to be. I give it to my husband to proof read. He’s good at it, as he tends to find the major issues. I try to get it as perfectly ready as possible. Of course, it isn’t perfect. But it’s as perfect as I can make it. Nothing on earth is entirely perfect. It’s part of the true artist’s psyche to want to get as close to perfect as possible. It is also part of life that can make people unhappy. They know what is theoretically supposed to be good, but it does not connect perfectly with how they feel or think. It is part of the “life should be fair” fallacy that causes a lot of pain for people. Once you realize life isn’t always fair and you can only get things as perfect as you can make it for yourself, you can move forward and not get stuck in wanting it to be perfect. You live your truth and move on.

When good intentions meet action, then wonderful things can happen. The problem is when good intentions stay just good intentions. It is the recipe for disaster or for failure or for not moving forward. People often have the good intentions to do something, but when they have no plan of action, no organized method of keeping track of things, they can get stuck. Worse, some will create havoc because of good intentions without planning for proper action.

We can see this happens very often in life. It is visible in the actions we see in the daily papers and daily life where we read about crimes, poor decisions. In fact, there are whole YouTube channels which thrive on showing good intentions disconnected from correct actions. There are times where people just shake their heads as there seems no logic. There seem a disconnect between between good intention and actions taken.

Be realistically unrealistic and know that you can only use the good intentions that you have and put them in action. You have to gather the information you have access to and make as informed a decision as you can for yourself. Understand that you can only make the decision for yourself and not for others. Suggestions can get made, but ultimately everyone must make their own decisions to act or not to act.

When there is a lot of varied information and it keeps changing, it becomes more difficult to put good intentions into action or to come up with a properly formed action for yourself. Sometimes you have to schedule yourself in order to get things done.

When writing, you have to make sure that you have your topic, your tools, your ideas and have some idea of the actions that you need to take, but more than that, you actually have to take action. As Cindy Gallop said, “The single largest pool of untapped resource in this world is human good intentions that never translate into action.”

Remember it is important to take action, but not just any action. You must take correct action. You need to be able to decide what action is right for your project and you have to take those actions. Sometimes that means having to spend more time on a topic or work hard on things that you are not certain of. This is the case for everyone.

Writing and the arts in general are just a microcosm of life. Life lessons can be learned from writing and other arts if you look for them. It gives you a smaller world and yet larger world to work within. It shows the interconnectedness of all things in life.

The Podcast can be found on Anchor with links to other formats:–j-pei-treasures/episodes/Good-Intentions-etjmvh

Thanks for reading this blog post and for your interest in A & J PEI Treasures!

Art of all types is a mix of good intentions and correct actions.  It is a microcosm of life!  See how in this blogpost!
Art of all types is a mix of good intentions and correct actions

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