Creative Endeavours

The one thing I have learned over time is that any creative endeavours take a lot more work than people think about. For example, the artists of any sort has to come up with the idea. Has to come up with the material, and has to put it in their format of choice. It doesn’t even stop there with some arts.

With authors especially, it’s not just getting it down on paper or virtual paper, but it’s also getting it checked over. Once I get the whole project done, I give it to my proof reader. Not only does he proof read, but he picks fault with everything that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t show as well as it should. I’m grateful for this (though it isn’t a lot of fun at the time) as it makes sure that I don’t have a lot of nonsense going out to readers.

I know that there are those who say, don’t get just anyone to do this (proofreading). Don’t use your Auntie, don’t use family, don’t use your old school teacher who thought you were a great student…give this duty to some specialist. My take on this is that you are leaving out people who might be able to give you valuable insight. See, these people aren’t just family, friends etc., they are part of the general public and are a good example of the reading public. Your old teacher will catch almost every grammatical mistake and spelling error (she’s made a livelihood out of doing this). Ok, Mom and Auntie might just be thrilled to see you doing something … and it doesn’t hurt to make them happy. All jokes aside, my point is that the less grammatical and spelling errors the more likely you will have a good product. It’s great to give it to professionals to view it, but try to present your best possible work to them. Don’t discount friends and family as they might ask a question that will lead to a better product and they may catch those same errors.

As I sat, with coffee in hand, thinking of what I wanted to write, I thought it would be a good time to thank all those people out there that help us to achieve our art form and who support us in our adventures to become the best possible artist we can be. Be Realistically Unrealistic and know that you can’t be the best you can be without a lot of people helping and a lot of work.

Any e-book that I release, once it is finished takes about another month of editing, reworking and checking. They don’t get released until I am satisfied that I have done the best I can do with the particular book. It’s important that you remember that your art is more than just what you see and it’s more than just one person. It takes a lot more effort and help from other people to become your best version of yourself as an author or any type of artist.

You can find my podcast of this episode on:–j-pei-treasures/episodes/Creative-Endeavours-es7gkn#=

Thanks for reading my blog! Thanks for your interest in A & J PEI Treasures!

Thank you to all the people who help us become the best we can be as an artist!

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E Jean Simpson, is the author, blogger, podcaster and one of the photographers of A & J PEI Treaures. A & J PEI Treasures is located on Prince Edward Island, Canada. All opinions stated in the Blog Post are my opinions and may not be that of A & J PEI Treasures. We are made up of a husband and wife team and our companion animals. There are a number of things that drew us to the Island…one of which was the natural beauty of the area. We enjoy constructing things and renovations to our place, upcycling, photography, writing, and a simpler lifestyle. Some of our e-books are winners of the Canada Book Awards ( ​​​​​​​Quotes, Poems and Thoughts: With Pictures from Prince Edward Island, Canada, ​​​​​​​Rocky Mountain Memories (Accepted for the 2020 Reader's Choice General Nonfiction- *(Canada Book Award winner​​​​​​​) ​​​​​​​Floral Photography: Hope of Life and for the Future *(Canada Book Award winner ​​​​​​​From the Lens of my Camera: This and That and a Big Black Cat. *(Canada Book Award winner How to Publish an E-book on a Budget of $0: Making your Dreams a Reality The Big Kid’s Magical Path to Numbers (The Big Kid's Magical Path Book 1) (Canada Book Award 2020 winner The Big Kid’s Magical Path to The Alphabet (The Big Kid's Magical Path Book 2) (Canada Book Award 2020 winner The Big Kid's Magical Path to Shapes in Nature (The Big Kid's Magical Path Book 3) The Big Kid's Magical Path to Colours in Nature (The Big Kid's Magical Path Book 4) The Big Kid's Magical Path to Insects in Nature (The Big Kid's Magical Path Book 5) More to follow! ​​​​​​​Thank you for your interest. E Jean Simpson/Andrew Simpson of A & J PEI Treasures (2019). You can find us at: ​​​​​​​ (Pinterest) (Twitter) (YouTube) (GoodReads) (Amazon) ​​​​​​​ (BookBub) ​​​​​​​ (LinkedIn) (WordPress) New addition, we have podcasts started on Anchor FM and can be found on the following: Anchor (Anchor). Anchor also distributes the podcast to: Breaker Google Podcasts Pocket Casts RadioPublic Spotify Apple iHeart Radio: ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ *(Canada Book Award winner​​​​​​​) is noted on books that won

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