Life, Renovations and Soon to follow New Release

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks.

After getting feedback on my covers from an organization, I have redone a lot of my book covers. Most comments surrounded the print being too small. It’s an easy fix, but could improve things.

Then we discovered that our renovations were a little more involved than we had first thought. We discovered there was a mouse hole. We’ve fixed that and had to deal with the damage. So, finally, all things are fixed and ready to paint. We’re painting the room a lighter color. It was the last room that we hadn’t touched as we had other renovations to do. So that is coming along.

I’ve been working on some projects…which will be released in due course. One is a children’s book (addition to my Series). Another is a calendar which I will make free to anyone who wants a copy. It has lovely pictures from our Island Home. I will let you know when they are available.

This blog post kind of jumps around…because I have several things in my head at once. Renovations, evolution of the e-book and my evolution as an author. Quite a head full of intrigue isn’t it?

The one thing I find somewhat disconcerting is a number of e-books tending to treat the e-book as though it is just about the money or ways to sell things. What I mean is that they tend to write about how you need to research a topic and make sure you fit some kind of mold so that you’ll sell. It takes a lot of the passion away from authorship in my opinion. You see, if you have something that you think is important. In my case, doing work that people who have trouble with reading are able to enjoy. I also make it so that anyone can enjoy them. I do work that can be enjoyed on a variety of levels (oh yes, they tell you that is hideous don’t do it), then that is your genre. They don’t have a specific genre for this. There is lots of talk about how to help people with disabilities, but it seems that there are very few who take on the effort to do something about it for people who have cognitive disabilities as well as being enjoyed by the whole family and by people without disabilities. Will I ever be rich off my art form? Who knows though I am working against odds…but that’s nothing new to me either. I will continue to work on my craft and improve it all I can. We need to put our heart back into writing and e-books are another form of art work. It isn’t just a method to sell people on something or write something that everyone already has read, in different words of course, but they like it so don’t want to think outside the box. Like they figure people just want more of the same. If we write only to impress and sell people who already read the book but with different words, then how will things change or move forward or how will new vistas be opened? I say we need more people to be who they are and write what they love. Who knows, maybe the next great art form will be born in the form of e-books.

In the meantime, be realistically unrealistic. If you need to make changes based on professional advice, then make them. Do whatever you can to make your work of art more visible. My catch phrase, be realistically unrealistic doesn’t just come out of the air. I have to be realistic and understand that an Indie Author with no budget, but having a dream may never make it in the publishing world. At the same time, I have to be unrealistic and believe in myself and that I can become the author I’m meant to be. This is the true aim of Authorship; at least the true aim of Authorship for me.

Thanks for reading my blog post and for your interest in A & J PEI Treasures!

Being Realistically Unrealistic didn't come out of the air.  It's part of the e-book authorship motto!  Read more

Sneak peek! Soon to be Released free! I will notify when it is available

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